Adult Visions

Daily Post : Adult Visions – As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

When things don’t turn out as you dreamed as a child, it isn’t always a bad thing right? I mean I had some big, pretty unrealistic, dreams.


Happiness, Health and Wonder


My cupboards will be filled with sweets and chocolaty treats

My car will be a Ferrari, scarlet red with bright leather seats

I will have more money than I can count with an ATM built into my bedroom wall

my house would be huge, 100 meters long and 5 stories tall.


I would have at least 2 jet-skis that would trail behind 2 yachts

and have 2 maids to cook and 2 to clean  the pots

I would be a doctor and a lawyer by the time I’m 25

Sending the bad guys to jail, keeping the good ones alive.


As a 10 year old boy, these were the things of which I’d dream

little did I know that the older I got the more impossible it’d all seem.

Not because I couldn’t see myself arguing in court or in theater making an incision

No, because it was all placed in a bubble that was burst by my adult vision.


When that bubble burst, I’d say, around the age of 21

I realized what was important in life and that having money wasn’t all fun. 

Just because my vision has changed doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped dreaming

The possibilities I am faced with are still endlessly leaving me beaming


My house may be missing a few stories, not to mention a plot

But Id like to believe that 10 year old me won’t be too disappointed with what I got

My car may not be scarlet red or of any exotic brand

I did manage to get a cool Honda though, low slung, second hand.


I do not feel disappointed that my childhood dreams did not come true

if it did , who knows, I might never have met my beau.

The woman of my dreams, funny, as a boy I never dreamed of her

She came into my life filling it with all I needed – happiness, health and wonder.