Mum’s the word

Sounds right.

The Daily Post prompt:

This is clearly subjective, but some words really sound like the thing they describe (personal favorites: puffin; bulbous; fidgeting). Do you have an example of such a word (or, alternatively, of a word that sounds like the exact opposite of what it refers to)? What do you think creates this effect?


For me the word that absolutely fits the thing it describes is, “MUM”.


Mum’s the word


Mum’s the word, as elegant as a coat made of fur,

Short, warm and soft just like her.

Soft to start with and soft to end; her love for U will never bend.

Protecting U from the front and back,

her embrace like a tightrope never grows slack.

Mum’s the word, everyone knows;

The older you become, the more obvious it grows,

That you are the center of her world, yes she always keeps U in the middle.

Since the moment you were born, dependent and brittle.

She kept her feet steadfast on the ground so yours could be in the air waving around.

Mum’s the word, the first word you said

as you cuddled up next to her just  after being fed.

“The day you grow up is the day that I dread”

Mum would always say as she clutched your little head

Mum’s the word short, simple and sweet,

It is no wonder we’re taught that heaven lay at her feet

When she brought you into this world with all that pain and strife

She was happily, willingly, risking her life.

You just have to love her doing otherwise is absurd

and this is why MUM’s word.


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Musical Markers and the Summer of the Banjo

Daily PromptMusical Markers

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?


The summer 2013/2014 was the summer of the banjo. Bands like The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons are what stand out for me. The banjo has even been featured in house music as well with Avicci’s “Hey Brother” for example. To me this is nothing new, Every year during summer, the Cape Town Minstrels would march through the streets of my neighborhood and the lead musician was always the toothless man with banjo in his hand.


Toothless man with Banjo in hand

Hey toothless man

with banjo in hand

I like that tune you’re playing

best keep you mouth shut and not sing along

Cause I don’t understand a word you’re saying.


But keep playing your jingle jangles and

marching in spingle spangles

you’re creating memories I’ll never forget

as you round the corner I see you first

followed by a string quartet.


20 years from now

I will always remember how,

how much joy you brought to the community

yes you toothless man

with banjo in hand, marking my summer memory.