Blogging for the sake of blogging (2)

This is the second installment  in a series of posts that I have decided to call “blogging for the sake of blogging”. As promised, I edited the poem I wrote yesterday morning about my weird experience. Just to give you some background about the poem, I have recently been going through a bit of a rough patch professionally and personally. In many ways this poem reflects the weird space I found myself in. I have always found writing to be  cathartic especially when it reflects my struggles. Without further delay, here it is:


Time Slowed down for me this Morning. ©


Time slowed down for me this morning.

I don’t know how; I don’t know why, but time slowed down for me this morning.

It’s usually a blur of tick-tock-tick; of tiptoeing on cold tiles out of the shower quick.

But not today; today time slowed down for me.


Perhaps Mother Nature had hypnotized me

With her howling voice and rhythmical tapping of drip drop dripping on my window pane.

When usually the dripping would drive me insane

It now served as hypnosis, as time slowed down for me.


Alone in bed, its cold outside and I beneath my covers hide

Shift shuffle shifting rubbing together my feet; toes curled up searching for heat

As five minutes felt like an hour under my sheet.

Covered from head to toe as time slowed down for me.


Every five minutes the alarm on my phone blares

 But I’m entranced by Mother Nature’s melody combined with her snares

Of rain and wind and thunder booms and

 I lie still in my quiet room listening… as time slowed down for me.


I look at my clock and it smiled at me

Where usually a frown is what I receive, the weather outside shows no reprieve

A flash of light and thunder follows, resonating somewhere deep in the hollows of my soul I feel it

vibrating, boom, crack, roar, rattle. My awareness frightens me; as time slowed down for me this morning.


 My theory confirmed it’s 7 in the morning but still dark outside

Time MUST have slowed down for me and told the sun to hide, to wait a bit longer

Before rising today, before giving the signal to start making hay, yes time knew that I was not OK

So it slowed for me this morning.




Blogging for the sake of blogging

It is always tricky, your first blog. What do you say? Do you have something to say? If you don’t, should you even consider blogging? Well, today I shall write in my blog simply because I can. I had considered, at some length, what to write about today and then suddenly it struck me – the weird experience I had this morning.

When I woke up I didn’t jump out of bed as I usually do. It was 7 and still dark outside as it is usually is during July in Cape Town. The air in my flat was particularly cold and eerie. The alarm on my Blackberry didn’t seem to annoy me this morning. I could hear it, but its usual “Get Up!” tone didn’t have its usual effect. I grabbed my phone which sleeps next to me every night, if the battery isn’t dead, and put the alarm on “Snooze”. “Just five more minutes,” I thought to myself as I shifted to wrap myself in my blanket again. So I lay there half awake waiting for my phone to start screaming again, but I waited and waited for what felt like half an hour. Eventually I thought that I must have hit the “Dismiss” button by accident and now I was going to be late for work. I turned to check the time again and only two minutes had passed – weird, I know.

Then something even more weird happened – I felt this unusual urge to write a poem about this seeming time shift. I jumped out of bed, switched my laptop on and started typing. The end product was a poem called, “Time Slowed Down for Me this Morning”.

I will edit it when I get home and post it tomorrow!